Tenant Services

Registering your Requirements

Once you have registered with us we will take your personal details and note your requirements.  We will match your requirements with our property portfolio and notify you when a suitable property becomes available.  We will then arrange for a mutually convenient appointment to accompany you to the property with a member of our team.  We are flexible and can arrange viewings if required at weekends or early evening.

Application Procedure

Once a property has been found and the landlord has agreed to the terms.  (Generally six or twelve months) you will be required to complete an application form.  All applicants over the age of 18 are required   to complete an application form and also advise of any children who will be residing with you.  In general you are required to be in full term employment, have been resident in the UK for the past 3 years and be earning 2.5 times the monthly rent.  In certain circumstances it may be possible to support your application by supplying a guarantor.  They will be required to be in full time employment, have been resident in the UK for the past 3 year, be a home owner and have an income of 3 times the monthly rent.

You will also be required to submit a copy of your driving licence or passport and a current utility bill (e.g.  council tax, electric or telephone (not mobile).  You will also be required to pay one weeks rent in advance as a holding fee.  See our tenants fees schedule for more information

Commencement of Tenancy

Once we have received satisfactory references generally credit reference, current employer and   previous landlord (if applicable) we will draw up the tenancy agreement.  This is normally an Assured  Shorthold Tenancy Agreement and will be for a minimum of six months.

You will then be invited to attend our office to sign the agreement.  You are required to pay one   month’s rent in advance together with five weeks held as a deposit with the DPS under their custodial scheme.


A deposit of five weeks rent is required to be held during the tenancy against the satisfactory performance  by the tenant of all various obligations under the tenancy agreement, but manly those relating to cleanliness and condition of the property.  From 6th April 2007 the legislation governing the holding of the deposit changed.  This means that any deposit must be held by a regulated agent who is part of an approved scheme or by a government run scheme.  In the event of an unresolved dispute or stalemate over the allocation of the deposit it can be referred to the scheme for a prompt, independent, third part adjudication.


It is the tenants responsibility for insuring all of their contents and possessions.

 Notice Period

If a landlord wishes to gain possession of the property they must give a minimum of two months  notice in writing to end at the end of a period.  If you wish to give notice you must give a minimum of one months notice in writing to end at the end of the period.  Therefore should you wish to give your notice to move out, this must be done on or before your payment date i.e. allowing at least one calendar months notice to the Landlord/Managing Agent in writing.

It should be noted that if your tenancy is for a fixed period you will not be able to end the tenancy early.  If you do you may still be liable to pay rent even if you have moved out.

Please note that we are a ARLA Licenced Member and have client money protection provided by them.   We also have independent redress with The Property Ombudsman